Transformers: The Last Knight Begins Filming in Cuba This Week

 Michael Bay is returning to direct one (for real, this time) final installment in the Transformersmovie franchise, the Hasbro toy-based film series that has grossed nearly $3.8 ... Continue Reading →

Captain America: Civil War Passes Zootopia At Worldwide Box Office

Since 2008, Marvel Studios has built a reputation as one of the premiere entertainment producers in the film industry. Beginning with the original Iron Man, the company has grown ... Continue Reading →

Star Wars 8: Knights of Ren Scene Details Revealed?

Rian Johnson remains hard at work on Star Wars: Episode VIII, with the production schedule taking him and a few important actors to Ireland. Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver ... Continue Reading →

Michael Bisping on finally getting his title shot: ‘I believe this is my destiny’

Ask a friend who loves mixed martial arts to name the best fighter in UFC history. Expand that to perhaps the five best, or even the 10 best fighters. And ask as many people as you ... Continue Reading →

Scientists just found evidence that there could be alien life lurking beneath the surface of this mysterious water world

(Uploaded by ANGELUS on Wikipedia) A new study released by NASA on Tuesday shows that oceans on Europa, one of Jupiter’s 67 known moons, might have a lot in common with our own ... Continue Reading →

The best way to stop a mosquito bite from itching is surprisingly simple

Unless you have the mental fortitude to just not scratch your mosquito bites, the most effective way to stop them from itching, according to scientific evidence, is with antihistamines. When ... Continue Reading →

This is the Real Cause of Acid Reflux Disease, Study Says

Reflux disease may be caused by proteins causing inflammation rather than stomach acid, a study says. GETTY By Rachel Dicker ( May 18, 2016, at 3:00 p.m. ) Acid reflux disease ... Continue Reading →

Physicists discover new form of light, validate decades-old quantum mechanics prediction

It’s been over 340 years since Danish physicist Ole Rømer observed that the speed of light was finite. And, to this day, photons still manage to surprise us. Last year, scientists ... Continue Reading →

Bolt: Positive Beijing retests ‘bad news’ for sport

PRAGUE (AP) — Usain Bolt called it ”really bad news” for sport after the announcement that 31 athletes were caught doping in retests from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. ”It’s ... Continue Reading →

Google’s new smartwatch has one big improvement over the first Android Wear

Google’s Android Wear operating system for smartwatches is 2 years old, and it still hasn’t caught on with consumers as well as the Apple Watch has. But the company is hoping to ... Continue Reading →

13 Former Disney Stars Gone Naughty

The Disney Channel has a “machine” in place to crank out young stars. They accomplish this through TV shows, original movies, and a record division (many of their stars both act ... Continue Reading →

Cruz Throws Cold Water on Idea He Could Replace Scalia

Sen. Ted Cruz says he can do more good by continuing his political career. (MANUEL BALCE CENETA/AP) By Gabrielle Levy  (May 13, 2016, at 5:18 p.m. ) Ted Cruz wanted to be the ... Continue Reading →
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